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A torero (matador de toros) is the central bullfighter who must kill the bull.

Matador may also refer to:

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  • Lloyd Daley or Lloyd "Matador" Daley, Jamaican electronic technician, sound system pioneer and reggae producer
  • El Matador, an alter ego of Tito Santana a former WWF Wrestler
  • Luis Hernández (footballer) (born 1968), Mexican football player with the nickname "El Matador"
  • Marcelo Salas (born 1974), Chilean football player with the nickname "El Matador"
  • Primo & Epico, a professional wrestling tag team currently billed as "Los Matadores"

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In transportation[edit]

  • AMC Matador, an automobile manufactured by American Motors Corporation from 1971 to 1978
  • Dodge Matador, an automobile model marketed during 1960
  • Matador Force Motors, an Indian light commercial vehicle