Matai (Maucatar)

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Children in Matai at Christmas 2004
Map of Maucatar Subdistrict with Matai in the Southeast

Matai is a village (suco) located on northeast of Suai in East Timor. It is part of Maucatar Subdistrict, Cova Lima District.

Geography and politics[edit]

Matai has four sub-villages (Aldeias):

Each of these villages has its own leaders (Chefe de Aldeia) which under the Village Leader of Matai.

Current Leaders:

Sub-Village Leaders (Chefe de Aldeia):

  • Mr. António (Maior/Cunain)
  • Mr. Dinis Goveia (Quiar)
  • Mr. José Perreira (Lohorai)


Matai is a well known in Suai for its 'TUA MORUK'( is a kind of local alcohol made out of palm or palm wine), according to people of Suai is the best palm wine in Cova Lima. Bunak and Tetun Terik are the main language in Matai.

Matai has one main Football Club called 'HASUMA' (Halibur Suco Matai)


In 1999 the two pro-Independence Marshal Amaral Cortereal, together with Mr. Felisberto, were captured in Matai and took away by the Militia group( LAKSAUR) and murdered in Salele village. Their corpse recovered in 2010 through an Autopsy.

Coordinates: 9°17′57″S 125°15′55″E / 9.2992°S 125.2653°E / -9.2992; 125.2653