Mataking Island

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Mataking Island
Mataking Island is located in Borneo Topography
Mataking Island
Mataking Island
Coordinates 4°34′34″N 118°56′56″E / 4.57611°N 118.94889°E / 4.57611; 118.94889Coordinates: 4°34′34″N 118°56′56″E / 4.57611°N 118.94889°E / 4.57611; 118.94889
State  Sabah

Mataking Island (Malay: Pulau Mataking) is a Malaysian island located in the Celebes Sea on the state of Sabah.[1] Mataking Island is home to the first 'Underwater Post Office' in Malaysia and is connected to Pulau Mataking Kecil (Small Mataking Island) via a narrow sand bank.[2] Mataking Island is a private island belonging to the Reef Dive Resort featuring luxury chalets and a dive center serving divers visiting Sipadan.[3]

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