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Match was a retail chain, situated in Hungary, as part of the Louis Delhaize Group, open in several European countries along with the Antilles and Guyana. Match supermarkets offered a large range of different food products in Hungary. There were 48 Match supermarkets in Hungary. Most of them were rebranded as CBA or Coop.


In 1952, The Csemege retail chain was founded in Hungary, but during 1991 the state-run Csemege was bought by Julius Meinl. In 1999, The Belgian Louis Delhaize Group bought up the Csemege-Julius Meinl group. The company was first renamed Csemege Szupermarketek, and then was renamed again as Csemege-Match group. In 2000, The Match and Smatch brands were introduced to the Hungarian retail market. During 2004, the Smatch brand was rebranded as Match supermarkets. In 2012 CBA and Coop bought most Match supermarkets, which were rebranded as CBA Supermarkets in Budapest, and rebranded as Coop in other towns. [1]

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