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Mateba MTR-8

Mateba, a contraction of the Italian words Macchine Termo-Balistiche, was an italian machine manufacturer based in Pavia, Italy. It is better known for its low barrelled revolver pistols that it produced under the leadership of Emilio Ghisoni. After a change in ownership and poor sales, the Mateba company closed in 2005. Restart in 2014 in Montebelluna (TV) - e[1]


  • MT1, .22long rifle semi-automatic sport pistol
  • MTR Series - (MTR equals Ma Teba Revolver) family of double/single action all-steel revolvers in which Ghisoni placed the barrel as low as possible with the cylinder in front of the triggerguard and using high-capacity cylinders. The MTR series were designed for Rapid Fire competition shooting, with barrel weights, and the low muzzle to minimize climb;
    • MTR-8 - 8 rounds of .38 caliber ammunition,[2]
    • MTR-12 - 12 rounds of .32 caliber ammunition,[3]
    • MTR-14 - 14 rounds of .22LR.[4]
  • 2006M - 6 rounds of .357/.38 caliber ammunition[5]
Mateba Model 6 Unica (Dynamic Sportiva)
  • Model 6 Unica (generally known simply as the Mateba or the Mateba Autorevolver), available .357 magnum, .44 magnum, and .454 Casull.[6]
  • Grifone Carbine- 18 inch barrel version of the Model 6 Unica[7] in two versions:
    • one with wood furniture finishes, overfolding barrel and in .357-Magnum,
    • with fixed stock, stainless steel and wooden finishes, and in .44-Remington Magnum.[8]

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