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Material 2012 film poster.jpg
film poster
Directed byCraig Freimond
Produced byRonnie Apteker
Ronnie Thorpe
Written byCraig Freimond
Ronnie Apteker
Robbie Thorpe
Rosalind Butler
Riaad Moosa
Screenplay byCraig Fremond
Story byCraig Fremond
Ronnie Apteker
Rosalind Butler
Ronnie Thorpe
Riad Moosa
StarringRiaad Moosa
Vincent Ebrahim
Yusuf Rasdien
Krijay Govender
Zakeeva Patel
Carishma Basday
Royston Stoffels
Quanita Adams
Afzal Khan
Mel Miller
Nik Rabinowitz
Music byLizzie Rennie
CinematographyTrevor Claverley
Edited byMegan Gill
Release date
‹See TfM›
  • 10 January 2012 (2012-01-10) (South Africa)
Running time
94 minutes
CountrySouth Africa

Material is a 2012 South African film,[1] directed by Craig Freimond and written by Craig Freimond, Ronnie Apteker, Robbie Thorpe, Rosalind Butler and Riaad Moosa. After playing at Film Africa 2012,[2] it has been shown at numerous film festivals around the world (London, International Film Festival of India, Busan) and gained a reputation as one of the best original South African films[3] and a significant leap forward for the country's film industry.[4] Its portrayal of the lives of Muslims in South Africa was seen as an honest attempt to tackle some of the social issues facing the country's multiracial society.[5][6][7][8]


Set in the Muslim Indian enclave of Fordsburg, Johannesburg. Material revolves around the tempestuous relationship between Cassim Kaif and his aging father whose one dream is for his son to take over the family's fabric shop, which is struggling to stay afloat. However, Cassim wants to be a stand-up comedian, a notion that his traditionalist father strongly disapproves of. When Cassim lands a gig at a local bar, he has to find a way of keeping it a secret from his family.[9] The film's portrayal of the clash between youth, tradition and religion, alternates between family drama and snippets from the world of stand-up comedy.


  • Riaad Moosa as Cassim Kaif
  • Vincent Ebrahim as Ebrahim Kaif
  • Joey Yusuf Rasdien as Yusuf
  • Denise Newman as Fatima Kaif
  • Krijay Govender as Dadi Kaif
  • Zakeeya Patel as Aisha Kaif
  • Carishma Basday as Zulfa Ahmed
  • Royston Stoffels as Rafiq Kaif
  • Quanita Adams as Shareen
  • Afzal Khan as Faheem
  • Mel Miller as Merv
  • Nik Rabinowitz as Dave Gold
  • Denise Newman as Fatima Kaif


  • 7th South African Film and Television Awards (2013) - Best Director of a Feature Film (Craig Freimond), Best Actor in a Feature Film (Riaad Moosa), Best Supporting Actor in a Feature Film (Vincent Ebrahim), Best Feature Film, Best Sound Designer of a Feature Film[10]


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