Material Queen

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Material Queen
Promotional poster for Material Queen
Also known as 拜金女王
Genre Romance
Written by Chen Yu San (陳玉珊)
Zeng Yong Ting (曾詠婷)
Wu Zhi Wei (吳至偉)
Huang Ji Rou (黃繼柔)
Directed by Chen Hui Ling (陳慧翎)
Starring Vanness Wu
Lynn Hung
Daniel Chan
Jessie Chiang
Opening theme Is This All by Vanness Wu
Ending theme 一百萬種親吻 by Rachel Liang (梁文音)
Country of origin Republic of China (Taiwan)
Original language(s) Mandarin
No. of series 1
No. of episodes 22
Producer(s) Chen Yu San (陳玉珊)
Location(s) Taiwan, France
Running time Fridays, 22:00
Production company(s) Orientales Production House
Original network CTS
First shown in Republic of China (Taiwan)
Original release June 17 (2011-06-17) – November 11, 2011 (2011-11-11)
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Material Queen (Chinese: 拜金女王) is a Taiwanese romance drama co-production between Next TV's producer Chen Yu San (Chinese: 陳玉珊) and CTS. It stars Vanness Wu as the male lead and Lynn Hung as the female lead, it is scheduled to premiere on June 17, 2011 on CTS. The drama was filmed with locations in Taiwan and France.


Lin Chu Man (Lynn Hung) is a fashion model with a sweet appearance and a body that stands out from the other models, does not prejudice against a man for being short, fat, ugly and old, as long as he is rich. One day, she met Cai Jia Hao (Vanness Wu) and thought she had met her perfect Mr. Right, but she doesn't know that he is actually a hired body double for a billionaire "Mr. Norman". When she discovers that Jia Hao is only a hired body double and his true identity is a penniless music student. she immediately dumps him. As karma would have it, she loses her job to a younger model, her rich lover dumps and she finds out Cai Jia Hao will be her new roommate. Chu Man and Jia Hao's unexpected living arrangement forces them to reconcile and to really get to know each other. As Chu Man becomes closer to Jia Hao, her goal of nabbing the real estate tycoon Yan Kai Ming (Daniel Chan) becomes less of a priority. She starts to question whether being rich is what she truly desires.


Main cast[edit]

Extended cast[edit]

  • Na Wei Dong as Peter Pan
  • Meng Fan Gui as Director Dong
  • Li Mei Xiu asCai Jia Hui
  • Qu Zhong Heng as LEO
  • He Wen Hui as Jiang Bao
  • Chen Yi Fei as Brother Sharp
  • Yang Li Yin as Big Nanny
  • Annie Chen as Sha Xia
  • Zhang Huai Qiu as Ke Mai Long (Cameron)[1]


Country/region Channel Timeslot Episode premiere Episode finale
Taiwan CTS Friday 22:00 17 June 2011 11 November 2011
ETTV Drama Saturday 22:00 10 September 2011 2 February 2012
Next TV Saturday 22:00 18 June 2011 12 November 2011
Super TV Saturday 22:00 26 June 2011 20 November 2011
Singapore Channel U Sunday 21:15 11 November 2011
Hong Kong Now 101 Mondays To Fridays 9:00, 21:30 19 October 2011 2 December 2011


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