Maternity Protection Convention, 1919

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Maternity Protection Convention, 1919
ILO Convention
Date of adoptionNovember 28, 1919
Date in forceJune 13, 1921
ClassificationMaternity Benefit
Maternity Protection
SubjectMaternity Protection
PreviousUnemployment Convention, 1919
NextNight Work (Women) Convention, 1919 (shelved)

Maternity Protection Convention, 1919 is an International Labour Organization Convention.

It was established in 1919:

Having decided upon the adoption of certain proposals with regard to "women's employment, before and after childbirth, including the question of maternity benefit",...


The principles contained in the convention were subsequently revised and included in ILO Convention C103, Maternity Protection Convention (Revised), 1952, and in Maternity Protection Convention, 2000.


As of 2013, the convention had been ratified by 34 states. Of the ratifying states, eight have subsequently denounced the treaty.

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