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Math Horizons
Math Horizons cover November 2008.jpg
Cover of November 2008 issue
Editors Dave Richeson
Former editors Steve Abbot and Bruce Torrence; Arthur Benjamin and Jennifer Quinn; Deanna Haunsperger and Steve Kennedy; Don Albers
Frequency 4 times yearly
First issue 1993
Company Taylor & Francis for the Mathematical Association of America
Country United States
Based in Washington, D.C.
Language English
ISSN 1072-4117

Math Horizons is a magazine aimed at undergraduates interested in mathematics, published by the Mathematical Association of America. It publishes expository articles about "beautiful mathematics" as well as articles about the culture of mathematics covering mathematical people, institutions, humor, games, cartoons, and book reviews.[1]

The MAA gives the Trevor Evans Awards annually to "authors of exceptional articles that are accessible to undergraduates" that are published in Math Horizons.[2]


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Further reading[edit]

  • Haunsperger, Deanna; Kennedy, Stephen, eds. (2006). The Edge of the Universe: Celebrating Ten Years of Math Horizons. Washington, D.C.: Mathematical Association of America. ISBN 978-0-88385-555-3. 

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