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Coordinates: 53°24′22″N 2°59′13″W / 53.406°N 2.987°W / 53.406; -2.987

The Cavern Club on Mathew Street

Mathew Street is a street in Liverpool, England, best-known worldwide as the location of the Cavern Club, where The Beatles played on numerous occasions in their early career. It is the centre of the Mathew Street Festival, which fills the streets of Liverpool every Summer.

Mathew Street sign

The street connects Rainford Gardens (off Whitechapel)[1] to North John Street, and is located in an area of the city centre known today as "The Cavern Quarter". Historically it was the centre of Liverpool's wholesale fruit and vegetable market.[2] Mathew Street is visited by thousands of tourists a year, who visit the Cavern Club and many surrounding attractions including a statue of John Lennon, a Beatles store and several pubs formerly frequented by The Beatles. A wall in Mathew Street is adorned by a sculpture by Arthur Dooley entitled "Four Lads Who Shook the World".

Mural tribute sculpture to The Beatles

It was also home to the influential music club Eric's, which played host to many famous punk bands from its opening in 1976, despite only being open for 4 years.[3]

The fame of Mathew Street led to the arrest of 3 men in 2006 when an American in Dallas, Texas, viewing the street's webcam, saw a burglary in progress and called Merseyside Police.[4]

Original statue of Jung in Mathew Street, a half-body on a plinth captioned "Liverpool is the pool of life"

The psychoanalyst Carl Jung is often cited as visiting Liverpool in 1927,[5] but he only recorded a dream in which he had, later published in Jung's autobiography Memories, Dreams, Reflections of which he wrote

"Liverpool is the pool of life, it makes to live."[6] [6]

As a result, a statue of Jung was erected in Mathew Street in 1987, but being made of plaster, was vandalised and replaced by a more durable version in 1993.

Today, Mathew Street is one of Liverpool's most popular nightlife destinations.[7]

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