Mathias Steuchius

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The Most Reverend
Mathias Steuchius
Archbishop of Uppsala
Primate of Sweden
Mathias Steuchius SP150.jpg
Church Church of Sweden
Archdiocese Uppsala
Appointed 1714
In office 1714-1730
Predecessor Haquin Spegel
Successor Johannes Steuchius
Ordination 1672
by Petrus Steuchius
Consecration 12 June 1695
by Olov Svebilius
Rank Metropolitan Archbishop
Personal details
Born (1644-10-26)October 26, 1644
Fogdö, Sweden
Died August 2, 1730(1730-08-02) (aged 85)
Uppsala, Sweden
Nationality Swede
Parents Petrus Steuchius
Brita Ilsbodinia
Spouse Anna Tersera
Previous post Bishop of Lund (1695-1714)
Alma mater Uppsala University

Mathias Steuchius (October 26, 1644, Fogdö – August 2, 1730) was Bishop of the Diocese of Lund, 1694 to 1714 and Archbishop of Uppsala in the Swedish Church from 1714 to his death.

Steuchius grew up in Härnösand in northern Sweden, where his father Petrus Steuchius was superintendent. He was ordained to priest in 1672 and participates in the Riksdag of the Estates in 1672 and 1675. In 1676 he became professor of logics and metaphysics at the Uppsala University. He married in 1680. In 1683 his father died, and Mathias superseded him. He worked as superintendent for twelve years, and put much effort into bringing Christianity and education to the indigenous Sami people.

In 1693 he was made doctor of theology in Uppsala, and in 1694 promoted to professor. But already in June 1694 he was summoned to Lund, to be appointed Bishop of Lund.

At the death of Haquin Spegel, Steuchius was elected new archbishop in 1714. He worked in Uppsala until his death in 1730.

Steuchius was known as a devoted and righteous man by his way of living and teaching.

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