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Mathieu Boogaerts in La Datcha, Lausanne, 2011

Mathieu Boogaerts (born 1970 in Fontenay-sous-Bois), is a French singer-songwriter.


The son of a pharmacist mother and antiquarian father, Mathieu spent his early childhood in Fontenay sous Bois before acquainting himself with the piano. At age ten he started playing an organ - intended for use by his mother, but who never picked it up. After two years of taking courses, he started his first musical group at age 13 with two fellow students and friends from middle school.[1]
After many years travelling the world, mostly Africa (especially Kenya), he started penning some naive, minimalistic ditties.
His sketchy, intimate sound sometimes mixes African rhythms with reggae, and his influences such as the Dutch singer Dick Annegarn, with whom he toured in 1997.

His album Michel is accompanied by an amateur film made by Boogaerts himself.

His music is known for its laid-back style and many of his songs include a very light and delicate drum beat.


  • 1996 – Super
  • 1998 – J'en Ai Marre d'Être Deux
  • 1999 – Mathieu Boogaerts en Public (Recorded over 2 days, the 11 September and 12 September 1999)
  • 2002 – 2000
  • 2003 – DVD 2002 en concert solo
  • 2005 – Michel
  • 2008 – I Love You
  • 2012 – Mathieu Boogaerts
  • 2016 – Promeneur

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