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Mathieu Fleury in 2014

Mathieu Fleury (born September 26, 1985 in Ottawa) is the Ottawa city councillor of Rideau-Vanier Ward. He won the ward in the Ottawa municipal election, 2010, defeating the incumbent Georges Bédard in a narrow contest. He was reelected in the Ottawa municipal election, 2014.[1]

Fleury was born in Ottawa, and raised in the Sandy Hill and Lowertown neighbourhoods. He attended Francojeunesse and Franco-Cité School in Ottawa. He also has a Masters in Human Kinetics with a concentration in Sports Management and a Honours Bachelor of Science with specialization in Human Kinetics from the University of Ottawa.[2]

Fleury has a diverse background in sport, having interned for the Minister of State (Sport), volunteered at the 2010 Olympics for the Canadian Olympic Committee, served as equipment manager for the Canadian women's baseball team at the 2008 Women's Baseball World Cup and has served for ten years as a lifeguard supervisor for the city.[3] He has also volunteered for various other sport organizations.

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