Mathieu Lindon

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Mathieu Lindon
Mathieu Lindon salon radio france 2011.jpg
Mathieu Lindon in 2011
Born (1955-08-09) 9 August 1955 (age 64)
Parent(s)Jérôme Lindon
RelativesVincent Lindon (cousin)

Mathieu Lindon (born 9 August 1955 in Caen) is a French journalist and writer. He is the youngest son of the publisher Jérôme Lindon [Wikidata][1] (who discovered Marguerite Duras and died in 2001), and the first cousin of actor Vincent Lindon. He won the Médicis Prize in 2011.


He spent his youth in a wealthy secularized family of Jewish origins with family connections with the Citroën family. His father was a well-known publisher (Éditions de Minuit), highly esteemed by left wing and New Wave intellectuals. Mathieu Lindon was a close friend of Michel Foucault with whom he lived and spent most of his time between 1978 and 1984, without being his lover. He was also friend of writer Hervé Guibert with whom he won a scholarship at Villa Medicis in Rome between 1987 and 1989.[2] Hervé Guibert recorded it in L'Incognito, published in 1989.

From the 1980s, Mathieu Lindon has been a journalist at Libération, a left-wing daily. He wrote a pamphlet against Jean-Marie Le Pen in 1998.[3] He is openly gay and his work deals often with gay themes.


  • 1983 : Nos plaisirs, under the name Pierre-Sébastien Heudaux, Éditions de Minuit.
  • 1986 : Le Livre de Jim Courage, POL
  • 1987 : Prince et Léonardours, POL
  • 1987 : L'Homme qui vomit, POL
  • 1993 : Je t'aime. Récits critiques, Minuit.
  • 1994 : Champion du monde, POL
  • 1994 : Le Cœur de To, POL
  • 1996 : Merci, POL
  • 1998 : Les Apeurés, POL
  • 1998 : Le Procès de Jean-Marie Le Pen, POL
  • 2000 : Chez qui habitons-nous ?, POL
  • 2001 : La Littérature, POL
  • 2002 : Lâcheté d'Air France, POL
  • 2004 : Ma catastrophe adorée, POL
  • 2004 : Je vous écris, POL
  • 2006 : Ceux qui tiennent debout, POL
  • 2009 : En enfance, POL
  • 2011 : Ce qu'aimer veut dire, POL, Prix Médicis 2011.
  • 2013 : Une vie pornographique, POL, Prix du zorba 2013.


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