Mathieu St-Pierre

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Mathieu St-Pierre
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Alma materConcordia University, Montreal
Known forMedia art
MovementGlitch art

Mathieu St-Pierre is a Canadian experimental visual artist, specialising the fields of video art and photography, but specifically in glitch art and generative art.[1]

After graduating, St. Pierre returned to South Korea in 2006. His exhibition "100dpi." was shown at the Gahoedong 60 Gallery in Seoul in 2015. Regarding this exhibition, St-Pierre reiterated that the creation of his work is a matter of trial and error. St-Pierre's "100dpi." was made without an underlying subject in mind, but through gradual distortion critically observes 'the perversions of the Internet'.[2]

The hypnotic beauty of St-Pierre's distortion of virtual data provokes the viewer to trigger memories from a real world experience.[3][4][5]

Glitch Art[edit]

St-Pierre's series 'Melting Ice Cream' (2012) found the artist experimenting with the video editing program Sony Vegas. St-Pierre superimposed HD videos of his subject onto previously glitched material and by testing various parameters was able to achieve a variety of rich colours and wave shaped patterns that creates a new narrative for memory.[6][7][8]

The Guardian compared St-Pierre's use of video manipulation in 'Melting Ice Cream' to the action of manual painting: 'like brushstrokes in a reflective sea of colour'.[9]

Glitch Artist Collective (GAC)[edit]

St-Pierre was responsible for forming the Facebook group, Glitch Artists Collective, which has over 50,000 members.[2] It is the largest Glitch Artists community ever created and houses sub-communities for Glitch music and technical support for other artists.[10][11]


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