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Mathiya Chennai
Directed byVivekanand & Veerasingam
Produced byRajesh J. Chandan for Raaptor Media Films
Prakash Raj
Ramya Barna
Edited byArvin
Music byIlaiyaraaja
Release date
27 November 2009

Mathiya Chennai is a 2009 Indian Tamil-language film directed by Vivekanand & Veerasingam. The film stars Jaivanth and Prakash Raj .[1][2]


Mathiya Chennai is the story of a man who loves films and dream of becoming director, but he accidentally gets in a brawl with a gangster making his future difficult, but is in love with the gangster's daughter. Later he makes a movie with the help of his lady love and when the film was about to release, the gangster pulls out all the possible options to prevent the film from its screening.



The music composed by Ilayaraja.[3][4]

No. Song Singers Lyrics
1 Elaikku Intha Ilaiyaraaja Mu. Metha
2 Ennda Dai Tippu, Vijay Yesudas, Rahul Nambiar Vaali
3 Ilavayasu Pasanga Na. Muthukumar
4 Sullikuppam Ganapathy Muthulingam
5 Un Vaazhve Sadhana Sargam Vaali
6 Unnai Patri Sonnaal Rita Pazhani Bharathi


The film earned poor reviews and became a box office dud.[5][6]


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