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A Mathogo missile and its launcher box
Type Anti-tank missile
Place of origin Argentina
Service history
In service 1978 - present
Production history
Designed 1970s
Manufacturer CITEFA
Weight 11.3 kg (25 lb)
Length 0.998 m (3.27 ft)
Diameter 102 mm (4.0 in)
Warhead 2.8-kg HEAT warhead

Engine Two-stage solid fuel rocket
Wingspan 470 mm (19 in)
400-3,000 m[1]
Speed 324 km/h (202 miles/hr)
MCLOS with wing-edge spoilers
vehicle, ground

The Mathogo (Acronym for Misil Anti-Tanque Hilo Guiado - English: Wire Guided Anti-Tank Missile) is an Argentine wire-guided anti-tank missile developed by CITEFA (Instituto de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas de las FFAA - the Armed Forces Scientific and Technical Research Institute) to supplement and eventually replace the Argentine 105-mm recoilless rifles. In design it is similar to the Swedish BANTAM by Bofors - which is reported to have been bought in limited numbers for the Argentine Marine Corps - only slightly larger and with a pointed nose section with the first versions. Some news report photo captions have even mistaken it for the BANTAM. Development was completed in the late 1970s and various reports have stated that it is no longer in production.[2]

The Mathogo's warhead is capable of penetrating 400mm of rolled homogeneous armor.

The missile achieved operational status in 1978[3] and is in use by the Argentine Army. The missile has been approved for launch from the Agusta A109 helicopter, although the missile's accuracy reportedly suffers when used in this role.[4]

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