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Country Pakistan
Province Sindh
District Matiari
Time zone PST (UTC+5)

Matyari or Matiari (Urdu: مٹیاری‎) is the capital city of Matiari District, Sindh, Pakistan.

Matiari is the one of oldest territories of Sindh. The Dargah of Pir Sayed sakhi Hashim Shah badshah is located in Matiari. Matiari is well known for its ice-Cream and Ajrak (a Sindhi dressing). Matiari word is derived from Muthal OR Mat-yari, means relation with the pots made with mud in order to keep the water cool. It has been recorded by the historian[who?] that in the ancient times business troops travel through this way as it was provided with shelter to save them from heat of sun and also arrangement for the pots for cold water, that's why the place gradually known as a Mat-YARI means friend ship which the pots made from mud.


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Coordinates: 25°36′N 68°27′E / 25.600°N 68.450°E / 25.600; 68.450