Matias Corporation

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Matias Corporation
Industry Computer peripherals
Founded 1990
Headquarters Aurora, Ontario, Canada
Key people
Edgar Matias
Matias Tactile Pro with grey Alps switch

Matias Corporation is a computer accessories manufacturer, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The company was founded in 1990 by Edgar Matias, Steve McGowan, and James McGowan. Matias' first hardware product was the Half Keyboard, a one-handed keyboard that exploits users' existing touch-typing skills. It can be learned in a matter of minutes. The company's first commercially successful product was Tactile Pro Keyboard. It was built from the same keyswitch technology (Alps switches) used in the Apple Extended Keyboard, widely viewed as the best keyboard Apple ever made.[citation needed]

The company sells the Matias Folding Keyboard, a full-sized keyboard that folds in half. One reviewer has found that the Mac version of this keyboard works with iPads (though not flawlessly) as well as with Macs, even though iPads don't officially support USB keyboards.[1] The Matias Ergo Pro is one of the few split mechanical keyboards but what makes it unique are the standard 1/4"-20 screws mounting the palm rests making it compatible with tripods typically used for cameras.


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