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La Colina (Matienzo).jpg

Matienzo is the name of a village and a karst depression some 25 km southeast of Santander in Ruesga municipality, Cantabria, northern Spain. The limestone around Matienzo is riddled with caves (up to 58.6 km in length[1]) which have been extensively explored over the last 50 years by Spanish and British cavers.[2] The total length of cave passage explored, as of December 2016, is 377 km.[3]


External links[edit]

  • Matienzo Caves site Information about the area, more than 4000 caves, research details, cave surveys and thousands of photos],
  • Matienzo: 50 Years of Speleology Cave exploration, cave diving, geology, archaeology, geomorphology and personal recollections, dual language overview of 50 years of speleology in and around Matienzo],

Coordinates: 43°18′47″N 3°34′56″W / 43.31306°N 3.58222°W / 43.31306; -3.58222