Matilda of Franconia

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Matilda’s parents Conrad and Gisela are depicted here kneeling before Christ in Majesty

Matilda of Franconia (c. 1027[1] – 1034) was a daughter of Emperor Conrad II and Gisela of Swabia from the Salian dynasty.[2] Matilda’s elder brother was Henry III, Holy Roman Emperor.

At a meeting with King Henry I of France in Deville in Lorraine in May 1033, Conrad agreed to marry five-year-old Matilda to Henry.[3] However, before she could marry, she died in early 1034. Her marriage was arranged to confirm a peace compact agreed between Henry and Conrad.

She was buried in Worms Cathedral.

Conrad’s chaplain Wipo of Burgundy mentioned Matilda as “filia imperatoris Chuonradi et Giselæ, Mahthilda”.


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