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Matlock may refer to:



  • Bob Matlock (b. 1918), Australian rules footballer
  • Glen Matlock (b. 1956), English bass player in the original line-up for punk band the Sex Pistols
  • Jack F. Matlock, Jr. (b. 1929), American diplomat
  • Jimmy Matlock (b. 1959), American members of Church of Nazarene and the Republican Party
  • Leroy Matlock (1907–1968), American Negro League Baseball player
  • Mark Matlock (b. 1969), founder and president of WisdomWorks Ministries
  • Matty Matlock (1907–1978), American jazz musician and arranger
  • Michelle Matlock, American professional clown and lead in Ovo, Cirque du Soleil
  • Rebecca Matlock (b. 1928), photographer and wife of former U.S. Ambassador Jack F. Matlock, Jr
  • Ronn Matlock, American soul musician
  • Victoria Matlock (b. 1978), American musical theatre actress