Matngala language

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RegionNorthern Territory, Australia
EthnicityMadngella, Yunggor
Extinctby 2006 census[1]
perhaps 1 reported 1973; perhaps 10 reported 1990
Eastern Daly
  • Matngele
Language codes
ISO 639-3zml
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Matngele or Madngele is an extinct Australian Aboriginal language of the Northern Territory spoken by the Madngella and Yunggor peoples.


Tryon (1974) classified Matngele with Kamu, and this is accepted by Dixon (2002) and Bowern (2011), though denied by Harvey (1990).[1]



Front Central Back
High i u
Mid e ɵ
Low a


Peripheral Laminal Apical
Bilabial Velar Palatal Alveolar Retroflex
Stop Voiceless p k c t
Voiced b ɡ ɟ d
Nasal m ŋ ɲ n
Lateral ʎ l
Rhotic r ɻ
Semivowel w j


Matngele has only five simple verbs. These must be combined with coverbs in order to form complex verbs.


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