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Matomy Media Group Ltd.
Public limited company
Industry Advertising
Founded 2007
Founder Ofer Druker, Adi Orzel and Kfir Moyal
Headquarters Tel Aviv, Israel
Number of locations
11 (2016)
Area served
Key people
Liam Galin (CEO),
Harel Beit-On (Chairman)
Services Digital marketing
Revenue Increase US$ 271 Million (2015)
Increase US$ 12.1 Million (2015)
Increase US$ 7.2 Million (2015)
Number of employees
Increase 400 (2015)

Matomy Media Group Ltd., a publicly traded company since July 2014,[1] is an international digital marketing company providing advertisers, agencies, publishers and application developers with a wide range of performance-based and programmatic advertising solutions.


The company was incorporated in 2006 and launched in 2007 as AdsMarket.[2] The company was founded by Ofer Druker, Adi Orzel and Kfir Moyal,[3] and is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, with 10 additional offices worldwide. The company employs more than 400 people, has a client base of 2,000-plus active customers and works with more than 26,000 registered media sources in 100 countries. The company has been a part of the IAB QAG Certified Network since 2011.[4]

Matomy became a publicly traded company on the High Growth Segment of the London Stock Exchange’s Main Market in July 2014.[5] Following its initial public offering, Matomy received an $82 million investment from global advertising holding company Publicis Groupe, which acquired 24.9% of Matomy’s ordinary shares.[6] Matomy dual-listed on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange in February 2016.[7] In February 2018, Matomy raised $30M in convertible bonds in order to fund the purchase of the remaining share options held by Team Internet.[8] The bonds have a duration of three years, bear an interest of 5.5%, and have a conversion price of NIS 4.26.[9]


Matomy was led by Ofer Druker from its inception until April 2017, at which point he stepped down at the request of activist hedge fund Brosh Capital[10] and was replaced by Sagi Niri as CEO.[11] Brosh Capital also requested that Matomy employee Nir Tarlovsky and Brosh Capital employee Amir Efrati be added to the board of directors, which was approved.[12] In January 2018, Niri also stepped down, in order to "pursue an offer that cannot be refused" with Teddy Sagi. Niri's ten month tenure oversaw the disposal of non-core assets as well a the laying off of 150 staff in order to focus on just two parts of the company: MobFox and Team Internet.[13] Niri was replaced by Liam Galin, the former CEO of Flash Networks.[14]

Matomy was advised by Ilan Shiloah since its inception[10], and he took on the role of chairman until November 2015,[15] at which point the role transferred to his deputy chairman Rupert Howell, who stood down in January 2017 and was replaced by Harel Beit-On, a partner of Viola Group, a major shareholder of Matomy.[10]

Acquisitions, investments and divestments[edit]

Much of the company's growth has come through strategic acquisitions.[16]

Company Year Action Notes
Xtend G.M. Global Media Ltd 2008 Outright acquisition Online display network and SEM provider.[17]
Matomy Money 2010 Outright acquisition Alternative payment solutions provider[18] which gave its name to Matomy Media.
Adperio 2011 17.7% stake acquisition Denver-based interactive marketing company, founded in 1994 that offers social media, email, SEO, mobile and other emerging technology solutions.[19] The initial acquisition was for 15% of the company for $2.25M, with call and put options in the following years which were not exercised.
MediaWhiz 2013 Outright acquisition New York-based performance marketing agency that provided clients with permission-based email marketing, affiliate marketing and data acquisition; clients included AT&T, Home Depot and Bally Total Fitness.[20]
Adquant[21] 2013 Acquisition of the social marketing agency portion Provider of software for running social media campaigns.[22]
MobAff[23] 2013 Outright acquisition Florida-based mobile ad network.
MobFox 2014 Outright acquisition Austrian-based mobile programmatic advertising firm. The acquisition was paid using $10.1M in cash, plus shares worth $7.5M.[24]
Team Internet AG[25] 2014 Stake increased to 70% from 20% Munich-based direct navigation search company. The stake cost $27M, valuing the company at $54M.
Avenlo 2015 70% stake acquisition Canadian-based company who had developed a platform for direct email marketing campaigns. The acquisition has been valued at around $17.6M.[26]
Optimatic[27] 2015 Outright acquisition Programmatic monetization platform for video advertising. Matomy paid a minimum of $25M for Optimatic.
Team Internet AG[28] 2017 Stake increased to 80% from 70% The acquisition was instigated by options held by Team Internet, and cost $10.4M, valuing the company at $104M.
'Non-core' businesses'[29] 2017 Sold to Creative Clicks Media The sale was worth up to $11M, and included 60 Matomy employees.
Adperio[30] 2017 Sold to unrelated third party The sale was worth approximately $2M.
Team Internet AG 2018 Stake increased to 90% from 80% The acquisition was instigated by options held by Team Internet, and cost $18.5M, valuing the company at $185M.[31]


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