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Matrix may refer to:

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The Matrix[edit]




  • "The Matrix", nickname of American basketball player Shawn Marion (born 1978)
  • "The Matrix", nickname of Italian football (soccer) player Marco Materazzi (born 1973)


see also Matrix number
  • Matrix decoder, a technology for converting audio channels
  • Matrix mixer, a device for routing multiple audio signals to multiple destinations
  • Diode matrix, a two-dimensional grid of intersecting diodes
  • Keyboard matrix circuit, a wire grid for determining which key has been pressed on a keyboard
  •, an open standard for decentralised communication


  • Hyundai Matrix, otherwise known as the Hyundai Lavita, a multi-purpose road vehicle sold in Europe and Southeast Asia
  • PA-46R-350T Matrix, a light-aircraft model manufactured by Piper Aircraft
  • Toyota Matrix, a compact hatchback sold in North America

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