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Mātṛkā is a publishing company that was founded in 2007. It aims to celebrate and showcase the richness of Indian art and culture. Its activities range from publishing music related material to organizing music performances.

The name means 'Mother of all creation' in Sanskrit, and it also refers to Hindu group of goddesses called the Mātṛkās.

Mātṛkā was set up by Bombay Jayashri and T.M. Krishna, both performing artistes, to create a new platform to present Carnatic music. Mātṛkā is an outcome of a deep desire that this art should extend and reach lovers of music in various ways.

Voices Within, the first coffee table book on Carnatic music, is the first step in this direction.

What Bombay Jayashri and T.M. Krishna have to say about Voices Within:

"This book is a result of our intense desire to find ways of giving back something to an art that has been our passion, our livelihood, our life breath. While there are many endlessly fascinating aspects of the art that can be written about, we decided to first pay our tributes to some of the maestros who had a seminal influence in shaping the system. Voices Within is a salute to seven gifted, inspiring Carnatic musicians who revolutionized the system, shaped its growth, and left their mark on the musical firmament. It is with both great pride and much humility that we showcase them in a book such as this ..."[citation needed]


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