Matrosskaya Tishina

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Coordinates: 55°47′31″N 37°41′49″E / 55.79194°N 37.69694°E / 55.79194; 37.69694

Matrosskaya Tishina (Russian: Матросская тишина, literally "Seaman's Silence") (formal name: Federal Budget Institution IZ-77/1 of the Office of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia in the City of Moscow) is a detention facility located in eastern Moscow, known by the name of the street on which it is located. It has operated as a prison since 1945, famously holding Mikhail Khodorkovsky and some plotters of the 1991 Soviet coup d'état attempt.[1]

Prison escapes[edit]

Since its opening in 1945, only four prisoners have been able to escape from Matrosskaya Tishina. Oleg Topalov, 33, in year 2013 became the fourth man in 20 years to escape from Moscow's famous Matrosskaya Tishina prison, after pulling himself through a hole in the ceiling of his cell onto the roof and over the perimeter fence. Topalov was able to dig the hole solely with a metal spoon. Authorities are blaming the nonobservant security guards for Topalov's escape.

Well known prisoners[edit]


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