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Matsapha is a town in central Swaziland. The Matsapha urban boundary is defined in the Urban Government Act of 1969, and it was amended in 2012, and it covers an area approximately 2000 hectares. Matsapha was established as an industrial park in 1965 but was official gazetted as an urban area in 1969. Matsapha is located in the Upper Middleveld of Swaziland. It is located in the Manzini region, which is in the centre of the country. Matsapha is located 11 km from Manzini, which is the country's commercial capital and is located 35 km from Mbabane, the administrative capital of the country. It is well located as it lies on Swaziland’s main east–west axis between South Africa and Mozambique and 16 km from the junction of the Lavumisa road that leads to Durban and KwaZulu Natal. It lies at an altitude of 625 m above sea level.


It is served by a station on the Swaziland railway network. Matsapha is also home to the Matsapha International Airport.[1]

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Coordinates: 26°31′00″S 31°19′00″E / 26.51667°S 31.31667°E / -26.51667; 31.31667