Matsubara Station (Tokyo)

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Matsubara Station

Matsubara Station (松原駅, Matsubara-eki) is a stop on the Setagaya Line by Tokyu Corporation and is located in Segataya, Tokyo, Japan.

Station layout[edit]

There are two side platforms on two tracks.

   Tokyu Setagaya Line Shimo-Takaido
   Tokyu Setagaya Line KamimachiSangen-Jaya

Adjacent stations[edit]

Yamashita   Setagaya Line   Shimo-Takaido


Akamatsu Park


This station opened on September 1, 1949, as Tamaden-Matsubara Station (玉電松原駅) and was renamed to Matsubara Station on May 11, 1969.

Coordinates: 35°39′36″N 139°38′31″E / 35.66003°N 139.64193°E / 35.66003; 139.64193