Matsukura Castle (Toyama Prefecture)

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Stone monument on the grounds dedicated to the castle lord.

Matsukura Castle (松倉城?, Matsukura-jō) was a castle in the Niikawa District of Etchū Province (present day Uozu, Toyama Prefecture, Japan).


Built in approximately 1335 on the 430.9 m (1,414 ft) summit of Mount Matsukura (also known as Mount Kakuma), Matsukura Castle was part of a group of castles established in the surrounding mountainous region during the Muromachi Period.

Throughout its period of use, the castle fell successively under the control of the Momonoi, Shiina, and Uesugi clans.

During the Siege of Uozu in 1582, the castle was attacked by and fell to the forces of Oda Nobunaga.

The castle was abandoned sometime during the Keichō Era.


The castle has several hundred cherry trees growing around its grounds and plays host to local visitors during the Spring blossom season. During late May, the Sengoku Noroshi Festival is held on the grounds.

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