Matsushima Prefectural Natural Park

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Matsushima Prefectural Natural Park
Matsushima miyagi z.JPG
Location Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
Coordinates 38°21′12″N 141°03′51″E / 38.35333°N 141.06417°E / 38.35333; 141.06417Coordinates: 38°21′12″N 141°03′51″E / 38.35333°N 141.06417°E / 38.35333; 141.06417
Area 54.10 km²
Established 9 September 1902

Matsushima Prefectural Natural Park (県立自然公園松島 Kenritsu shizen kōen Matsushima?) is a Prefectural Natural Park on the east coast of Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. First designated for protection in 1902, the park spans the municipalities of Higashimatsushima, Matsushima, Rifu, Shichigahama, and Shiogama. The park centres upon the eponymous pine islands of Matsushima (Special Place of Scenic Beauty).[1][2]

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