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Matsuura Railway MR-600 train

Matsuura Railway (松浦鉄道, Matsuura tetsudō) is a third-sector railway company in Nagasaki and Saga Prefecture in Japan.


The railway company operates the 93.8 km Nishi-Kyushu Line from Arita in Saga Prefecture to Sasebo in Nagasaki Prefecture, with 57 stations.

Principal investors[edit]

  • Nagasaki Prefecture (13.7%)[1]
  • Lucky Taxi (10.2%)
  • Tsuji Industry (10.2%)
  • Saihi Motor (10.2%)


The company was established in December 1987, and took over operation of the former Japanese National Railways (JNR) Matsuura Line on 1 April 1988, becoming the Nishi-Kyushu Line.[2]

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