Matsya Kingdom

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Matsya among the kingdoms of Epic Indian literature

Matsya (Sanskrit: मत्स्य) was a Vedic kingdom and later became a part of sixteen Mahajanapadas, which also appears in Hindu Epic literature. The capital of Matsya was at Viratanagari (present-day Bairat, in Rajasthan) which is said to have been named after its founder king, Virata.[1]

Mention in Mahabharata[edit]

Matsya kingdom was founded by king Matsya who was the twin brother of Satyavati and who was contemporary to Bhishma.[2]

The Mahabharata (V.74.16) refers to a King Sahaja, who ruled over both the Chedis and the Matsyas, which implies that Matsya once formed a part of the Chedi Kingdom.


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