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Matt's Gallery is a contemporary art space situated on Copperfield Road in the East End of London. Its director, Robin Klassnik OBE, opened the gallery in his studio in 1979 on Martello Street, before moving premises to Bow in 1993. The gallery is named after Klassnik’s dog, Matt E. Mulsion.[1]


Some of the UK's leading contemporary artists are represented by Matt's Gallery, including Willie Doherty, a 2003 Turner Prize nominee,[2]Susan Hiller, Richard Grayson,[3][4] Graham Fagen, Nathaniel Mellors, 2001 Turner Prize nominee Mike Nelson,[5] Benedict Drew and Lindsay Seers.[6] In 2009 Mellors, Nelson and Seers exhibited at Tate Britain.[7] In 2011 Susan Hiller had a major retrospective at Tate Britain.[8]

In 1994 Robin Klassnik was short-listed for Prudential/Arts Council Award for an individual contribution to innovation and creativity in the Arts. In 1996, Matt’s Gallery was short-listed for the Prudential Award for the Visual Arts along with Bookworks and South London Gallery. In 2014 Robin Klassnik was awarded the OBE for services to the arts and media.[9]

In 1993, Matt’s Gallery registered as a Friendly Society, thus attaining charitable status and allowing it to receive funds from a broader range of charities and agencies. Matt’s Gallery receives revenue funding from Arts Council England and the programme is frequently supported by the Henry Moore Foundation and The Foyle Foundation.[10] In 2012 TimeOut Magazine cited Matt's Gallery as the site of some of the most awe-inspiring artworks ever created, having been transformed over the years by some of contemporary arts most significant artists.[11]

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