Matt's Bar

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Matt's Bar
Matt's Bar in June, 2014
Restaurant information
Established 1954
Current owner(s) Scott Nelson
Food type American
Dress code Casual
Street address 3500 Cedar Avenue South Minneapolis, Minnesota
Postal/ZIP code 55407
Country United States
Coordinates 44°56′21.94″N 93°14′51.12″W / 44.9394278°N 93.2475333°W / 44.9394278; -93.2475333Coordinates: 44°56′21.94″N 93°14′51.12″W / 44.9394278°N 93.2475333°W / 44.9394278; -93.2475333
Other information Founder Matt Bristol

Matt's Bar is a restaurant in south Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is known as one of two businesses that created the Jucy Lucy.[1]

This bar was opened in 1954.[2] In 1998 Scott Nelson purchased the bar from the original owner Matt Bristol.

In a 1998 City Pages article,[3] Cheryl Bristol, the daughter of bar founder and namesake Matt Bristol,[4] told of how one day in 1954, a customer asked a cook to put two hamburger patties together and seal up some cheese in the middle. When the customer bit into the sandwich, he was heard to exclaim, "That's one juicy Lucy!"[2]

On June 26, 2014, the bar's original owner, Matt Bristol, died hours before the bar he founded was visited by President Barack Obama.[5]


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