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Matt or Mat is a given name, often used as a nickname for Matthew. Less commonly, it is used as a surname.

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  • Matt Bellamy, guitarist, pianist and lead singer of Muse
  • Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, original guitar player and co-songwriter for influential punk/ska band Link 80
  • Matt Cameron, former Soundgarden drummer and current drummer of Pearl Jam
  • Matt Costa, singer/songwriter from Hungtington Beach, California
  • Matt Freeman, bassist for the bands Operation Ivy and Rancid
  • Matt Helders, drummer for the Arctic Monkeys
  • Matt Heafy, the vocalist and guitarist for the metal bands Trivium and Capharnaum
  • Matt Hoopes, lead guitarist for the band Relient K
  • Matt Houston (singer), French R&B singer and music producer originating from Guadeloupe (aka Matt)
  • Matt Hunter (singer) (born 1998), American Latin-influenced pop singer, now known as Matt Hunter Correa
  • Matt Johnson (singer), founder and only constant member of multimedia band The The
  • Mat Kearney (born 1978), American singer-songwriter and musician
  • Matt Monro, British singer
  • Mat Osman (born 1967), English musician, bassist of the rock band Suede
  • Matt Redman (born 1974), English musician
  • Matt Shadows, vocalist for band Avenged Sevenfold
  • Matt Garstka, drummer for metal band Animals as Leaders
  • Matt Sharp, former member of the rock band Weezer
  • Matt Simmonds, demoscene musician
  • Matt Slocum, former member of Sixpence None the Richer and composer of "Kiss Me"
  • Matt Sorum, hard rock drummer and percussionist
  • Matt Tuck, metal singer for the band Bullet For My Valentine
  • M. Ward, singer-songwriter and guitarist



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