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Matt Bruenig
Born Matthew Bruenig
1988/1989 (age 29–30)
Residence Washington, DC, US[1]
Nationality American
Alma mater
  • Lawyer
  • policy analyst
  • commentator
Organization People's Policy Project[3]
Spouse(s) [4]

Matthew Bruenig[2] (born 1988/1989)[3] is an American lawyer, blogger, policy analyst, and commentator.[5] He was a blogger for the American think tank Demos covering politics and public policy[6] and has written on issues including income distribution, taxation, welfare, elections, and Scandinavian economic models.[7][8][9] He is married to Elizabeth Bruenig (née Stoker), an opinion writer and editor at The Washington Post.[1][10] A socialist,[11] he was a featured guest on a 2017 episode of the politics and humor podcast Chapo Trap House[12] and on The Michael Brooks Show also in 2017.[13]

In 2016, Bruenig gained notoriety after being fired from Demos in the course of public feud between him and the former Obama/Clinton policy director Neera Tanden.[14][15] Journalists who covered the matter could not determine whether Bruenig's ouster was due to his dispute with the well-connected Tanden or Bruenig's longer history of heated exchanges that some have characterized as online harassment.[16][17][18][19] The following year, Bruenig founded the People's Policy Project, a crowdfunded think tank that focuses on socialist and social democratic economic ideas.[20][21]

Bruenig's work has appeared in a range of publications including Jacobin, The Atlantic, Dissent, and The Washington Post.

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