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Matt Burch
Born 1978/1979 (age 38–39)
Kansas, United States
Occupation Software Engineer
Spouse(s) Mary Burch

Matt Burch (born 1978/1979)[1] is a computer programmer who created the computer game Escape Velocity and programmed the engine for its sequels, Escape Velocity Override and Escape Velocity Nova, published by Ambrosia Software.[a]

Burch graduated from the University of Kansas in 1999 with a degree in computer engineering and is married to Mary Burch.

Apart from the Escape Velocity series, he has released an open-source, simple three-dimensional space game called Exobattle, as well as authoring the original version of the 1995 commercial release Diamonds 3D. Burch is currently employed in the computer engineering field and states that he currently has no plans to program any more games in the future. Apart from his work and wife, Burch is also an amateur pilot who builds his own planes.


  1. ^ While Burch created the scenario for the first Escape Velocity game, the scenarios for Escape Velocity: Override and Escape Velocity: Nova were created by Peter Cartwright and the ATMOS team, respectively.


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