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Mat Cheslin with Ned's Atomic Dustbin, December 2009

Mat Cheslin (born Matthew Cheslin, 28 November 1970,[1] in Quarry Bank, Staffordshire) is a musician originally based in the Stourbridge area. He is most famous for being the bass player and founding member of the early 1990s indie punk band, Ned's Atomic Dustbin.[2][3]

Ned's Atomic Dustbin had a string of hit singles, from 1990 to 1995, including "Happy", "Kill Your Television" and "Not Sleeping Around".[4] The band had an unusual line-up of two bass players, and Cheslin generally played the traditional bass lines.[5]

Cheslin has not partaken in the Ned's Atomic Dustbin reunions since 2000, until the Re:United gigs on 6 December 2008 and 23 May 2009, when original guitarist Gareth Pring (Rat) also played for the first time since the original line up split in 1995.[6]

In a 2009 interview, Mat talked about the recent shows. "It's a bit of concept gig. It's like taking the clock back to 1991." He further adds, "It was great, it's been quite nostalgic. I haven't played for the whole time that I haven't been in the band, but some of the really old songs I remember more. You do really notice the difference in the really early songs. It was as exciting as it was when I was 17."[6]


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