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Matt Conn
Born (1987-10-30) October 30, 1987 (age 28)
San Francisco, California

Matt Conn (born 1987) is a geek personality based in San Francisco best known for being the founder and CEO of MidBoss, the company that also puts on the GaymerX game convention that seeks to create a safe space for LGBTQ identified gamers. He is also the producer for the MidBoss-produced cyberpunk story adventure game Read Only Memories, as well as the LGBTQ video game documentary Gaming In Color.[1] He is commonly called upon to give opinions on LGBTQ issues in the gaming sphere for publications like TIME[2] and Polygon.[3]

He also is well known for his role as a founding member at BandPage[4] and for winning the Travel Channel television program "America's Worst Driver".[5]


GaymerX (initially named GaymerCon) was founded in February 2012 and launched its Kickstarter on August 1, 2012[6] with a goal of $25,000. It hit its goal within 5 days [7] and ended up raising just over $91,000. The first convention happened on August 3 & 4th, 2013 in San Francisco, California.[8] The launch was covered by sites such as Examiner and[9]

Throughout the fundraising campaign, organizers added new support levels, in addition to existing support levels that include admission to the event and voice acting from Ellen McLain.[10] At a session during the convention, McLain took part as assistant on a marriage proposal to help an attendee propose to his boyfriend by voicing a version of the song Still Alive with reworked lyrics.

GaymerX2 was held at the InterContinental Hotel from July 11–13, 2014 in downtown San Francisco. It is notable in that in its sophomore year, it featured celebrities like WWE's Darren Young as well as larger sponsors like Indiecade, Ubisoft, Riot Games, and 2K Games.

GX3 (Year Three of GaymerX) was moved to San Jose at the San Jose Marriott and Convention Center and featured notable celebrities like Jennifer Hale, Robert Yang, Natasha Allegri and Trixie Mattel

2064: Read Only Memories[edit]

2064: Read Only Memories is a cyberpunk adventure game for the PC, Mac and Linux, with a port announced for August 16 for PS4 and Playstation Vita, produced and created by Matt Conn. It was successfully funded for $64,378 on December 12, 2013.[11][12]

America's Worst Driver[edit]

On this series, which aired in mid 2010, Matt was penalized for being the worst driver in San Francisco by having his car destroyed by construction equipment.[13][14] In the finale, Matt was named the winner of the program, and had a car representing him destroyed by Robosaurus.[15]

AWD Finale Winner/Loser Breakdown[edit]

Contestant Challenge 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Andrea and Telea IN IN IN IN IN IN WON A CAR
James and Cristin IN IN IN IN IN WON A CAR
Michael and Safiya IN IN IN IN WON A CAR
Stephanie and Kelly IN IN IN WON A CAR
Parker and Alyssa IN IN WON A CAR
Alex and Nadine IN WON A CAR
Brian and Janett WON A CAR

Source: [15]

     (OUT) The driver has won a new car, and is out of the running for America's Worst Driver.

Robosaurus, featured on "America's Worst Driver"