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Matthew Embree
RX Bandits @ Apolo 2.jpg
Matthew Embree touring with RX Bandits in Barcelona, Spain
Background information
Instruments Vocals, guitar, percussion, keyboards
Associated acts RX Bandits, Pebaluna, Love You Moon, Dispatch, The Sound of Animals Fighting, State Radio

Matthew Embree is a singer and guitarist best known as the front-man of the Rx Bandits. Also, he played lead guitar/vocals for The Sound of Animals Fighting, in which he was known as "The Walrus." He produced their last album The Ocean and the Sun.

In 2008, he released Waxwane, his first solo album, under the name Love You Moon. He is also in other acts such as Coke vs. Bills and Apotheke.

Embree has, in the past ten years of his career, established himself as a socially outspoken and musically diverse singer/songwriter/musician. He has contributed to a number of Hip Hop,alternative, art, progressive, and psychedelic rock bands and musical groups such as Rx Bandits, Seekret Socyetee, The Sound of Animals Fighting, Apotheke, Pebaluna, and Biceratops, among others. Embree has developed a strong following that thrives on experiencing his musically explosive live shows. For Embree, musicianship is paramount. Many of his recordings are done live, including the Rx Bandits albums ...And The Battle Begun and The Resignation; Embree also wrote, produced, and played all the instruments on his debut album, Waxwane, save for a few tracks featuring drums by Chris Tsagakis and vocals by Lauren Coleman (both members of Embree’s own homegrown community known as Mash Down Babylon Records). Sense of community is extremely important to Embree, who started MDB Records in 2002. Operated out of a garage referred to as The Elizabethan in Seal Beach, California, MDB releases the music of musicians and artists from Embree's circle of friends. In 2006, Embree began collaborating with management/label Sargent House, who helped MDB release of one of Embree’s other band's albums. Love You Moon’s debut album Waxwane was released by Sargent House/MDB Digitally on May 20, 2008 with a physical release that August.


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