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Matt Glass
Matt Glass.jpg
Born (1981-03-05) March 5, 1981 (age 38)
EducationWeber State University Cranbrook Academy of Art
Known forPhotography, Music, Film

Matt Glass is an American musician and Emmy-winning[1] filmmaker. He received his Masters of Fine Art degree from the Cranbrook Academy Of Art.


Matt Glass has created a handful of strange films. In 2012, Matt released Citadel,[2] a monochromatic puppet-filled short film inspired by cerebral horror films of the 1970s. [3] In late 2014, Matt wrote and directed Good Morning, a musical, short film featuring singing puppets and a brutal crime.[4]

Matt has directed music videos for bands such as The Statuettes, Rotten Musicians and Timeflies.[5] The 2014 puppet-filled video he directed for Imperial Mammoth's song Fifty-Five Fires was described as "film noir with puppets"[6]

In 2017, Rain, [7] a film written and directed by Matt was released. It was an official selection in the Atlanta Film Festival and the National Puppetry Festival.

That same year, Matt wrote and co-directed a feature film titled Squirrel which is set to be released in 2018. It is described as:

A couple lost in the woods stumbles across a mysterious cult who once harvested a strange, crimson, maple syrup with healing properties. The cult is on the brink of ruin as their crimson maple supply dwindles and their leader is left with some life or death decisions to make. The couple’s budding relationship is strained when they confront the truth about a series of bodies found in the woods. Their intertwining lives lead to a confluence of events all triggered by the heroic act of one soldier in the revolutionary war over 200 years ago.

Matt also second-unit directed Karen Gillan's feature directorial debut The Party's Just Beginning[8] which debuted at the Glasgow Film Festival in 2018.


Half Cut Tea,[9] a documentary web series created by Glass and fellow Cranbrook Academy of Art graduate Jordan Long, premiered online in early 2013. Its three seasons consists of 20 episodes highlighting artists from across the country.

... a database for people to discover and become inspired by talented individuals who they were acquainted with or had heard of through friends.[10]

In 2015, Matt Glass and Jordan Wayne Long started the production company Their clients have included The Jim Henson Company,[11] BBC, Paramount, KCET,[12] LINK TV and more.

In 2017, Matt won an Emmy Award for his direction on the TV-series Lost LA for KCET. The hour-long documentary he co-directed with Jordan Long titled Fallujah: Art, Healing and PTSD received an Emmy Award for Best Entertainment Programming. [13]


Matt Glass was the drummer of The Brobecks from 2003-2005. In addition to playing drums in the band, he recorded and mixed their two first albums Understanding The Brobecks and Happiest Nuclear Winter. In 2005, he left the band to pursue his degree in Photography. Since then, he has performed with and recorded several bands including Michael Gross and The Statuettes and The Lazy Waves.

In 2010, Matt played drums, keyboards and produced a cover of the Little Shop of Horrors song Skid Row(Downtown) with Dallon Weekes of The Brobecks, featuring additional vocals from Brendon Urie and guitar by Ian Crawford.[14][15]

He has composed music for several short films and documentaries including the Emmy Winning documentary Fallujah: Art, Healing and PTSD. He has composed music for the marketing campaign of several Paramount Pictures films including Arrival and 10 Cloverfield Lane. His music has been featured on various television programs on NBC,[16] FX[17] and more.


Release year Album Artist Role
2018 One More Night Let's Become Actors Producer, Keyboards/Synths, Drums
2018 Smiling To The Grave EP Matt Glass Everything
2017 Good Old Fashion American Whisperhawk Drums, Keyboards, Mixer
2017 Just Visiting EP Matt Glass Everything
2015 Chronology EP Matt Glass Everything
2015 Nothing Is Real Let's Become Actors Producer, Drums, Keyboards/Synths
2015 dustChamp Matt Glass Everything
2014 The Goldeneyes The Goldeneyes Producer, Drums, additional Keyboards
2014 Wavetable The Lazy Waves Producer, Keyboards, additional Drums
2013 Half Cut Tea: volume one Matt Glass Everything
2013 Spring Fling The Lazy Waves Producer, Keyboards, additional Drums
2012 Quiet Title EP The Brobecks Producer, Drums, Keyboards
2012 Sunset Beach Michael Gross and The Statuettes Mixer, additional Keyboards
2012 The Grief Dynasty Matt Glass Everything
2011 Summer Singles The Lazy Waves Producer, Keyboards, additional Drums and Vocals
2011 cBROOKone EP Matt Glass Everything
2010 The Lazy Waves The Lazy Waves Producer, additional Drums, Keyboards and Vocals
2010 Telepath Michael Gross and The Statuettes Producer, Drums, Keyboards
2010 The Origin of Waking Matt Glass Everything
2010 Impulse & Exports Michael Gross and The Statuettes Producer, Drums, Keyboards
2009 Dust & Daylight Michael Gross and The Statuettes Drums, Keyboards
2008 Tales from a Country Home Michael Gross Producer, Drums, Keyboards
2008 Let's Become Actors Let's Become Actors Drums
2007 Small Cuts EP The Brobecks Producer, Drums (on song Boring)
2007 Research Your Friends Let's Become Actors Producer, Drums, Keyboards
2005 Happiest Nuclear Winter The Brobecks Producer, Drums, Keyboards
2003 Understanding The Brobecks The Brobecks Producer, Drums


Matt Glass is known for his narrative, cinematic photographic style.[19] His work ranges from comical and sarcastic to horrific and violent. Matt has been featured in several magazine and was an honorable mention in American Photo's Images Of The Year competition in 2007 [20] and 2008 [21]

In 2009, Matt exhibited his Apocrypha series of photographs. The visual style in this series is inspired by Baroque Art as well as modern cinematic lighting. In his artist statement, he describes the work:

Each photograph represents a different narrative, but they all take place in the same apocalyptic world. In this world, an unknown event has left humanity in ruin. The source of the violence and destruction is never seen. The human reaction to this apocalypse is the focus.

In 2010, Matt exhibited his series, The Origin of Waking.[22] In it, he supplements his photographs with music. Each image has a corresponding song.

... listening to the music can expand on the imagery of the photograph without spelling out exactly what is happening and what it might mean ... The songs don't have specifics, just moods. [23]


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