Matt Jaissle

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Matt Jaissle
Jaissle holding a mini-poster for his 2010 release Drug Cult (a.k.a. 300 Killers)
Born 1968
Nationality American
Occupation Film director, producer and writer
Known for Low-budget B movies, usually of the horror genre
Notable work Back from Hell, Legion of the Night (a.k.a. Dead City), The Necro Files

Matthew Jaissle (born 1968) is an American film director, producer and writer, chiefly of low-budget B movies, usually of the horror genre. His films have received wide distribution, and have generally been direct-to-video affairs sold Domestically and Internationally. Jaissle has primarily produced his work under his own production company, Carilliam Pictures, which is based in Milan, Michigan, USA.


According to Stephen Jones' Essential Monster Movie Guide, Jaissle is "multi-talented" as Jaissle generally fills several roles besides direction, including writing, producing, editing, and music scoring. His director filmography is listed below:

  • Back from Hell (1992) Peacock Films, HV Films
  • Legion of the Night (a.k.a. Dead City) (1994) Cinequanon Pictures
  • The Necro Files (1997) Threat Theatre, Maingrip International
  • Anti-hero (1999) a.k.a. Antihero Unreleased
  • 300 Killers (2010) Brain Damage Films/Midnight Releasing, Moving Pictures Film & Television
  • Revolution 666 (2014) Whacked Movies, MVD Visual
  • Necro Files 3000 (2017) VidEvil Video


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