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Matt Katz (born July 4, 1978)[1] is an American journalist.

Career and works[edit]

Katz works for WNYC and New Jersey Public Radio, and has written for Politico, The New York Times, The Washington Post and The New Republic. He was previously a reporter at the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Courier-Post and the Daily Record.[2][3] He is known for his coverage of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.[3][2] He ran The Christie Tracker for New Jersey Public Radio.[4][5]

Katz was a member of a WNYC team that won a 2015 Peabody Award for its series on Governor Christie entitled, "Chris Christie, White House Ambitions and the Abuse of Power."[2] He won the Livingston Award for International Reporting for a series on reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan.[4][6]

Katz is the author of American Governor: Chris Christie's Bridge to Redemption, a political profile of Chris Christie published on January 19, 2016 by Simon & Schuster.[7][2][8][9]

Prior to becoming a political journalist, Katz was known as South Jersey's Carrie Bradshaw when he wrote a dating advice column.[10]

He is Jewish and asserts that he suffered anti-semitic harassment as a result of reporting critically on U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump.[11]

Background and education[edit]

Katz is the son of Roberta and Richard Katz of Roslyn, New York. He married Deborah Anne Hurwitz in 2004.[12]

Katz has an undergraduate degree in Political Communication from George Washington University. He is member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity.[13]


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