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Matt Levine
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Born (1982-02-17) February 17, 1982 (age 36)
Long Island, New York, United States

Matt Levine (born February 17, 1982) is an American entrepreneur and restaurateur known for his ventures in branding and hospitality. Levine owns a downtown New York City inspired food and beverage company, indieFORK. Previously, Levine was the owner of the Lower East Side Manhattan lounge, The Eldridge,[1] and creator of Steelo', a high-end men's clothing collection. His other venture, Brandsway Creative, is a branding & marketing firm based out of Manhattan, New York.[2]



Steelo', created by Levin in 2004 and dismantled in 2008, was a men’s clothing collection[3] sold in various high-end boutiques,[4] such as Beam Japans, Holt Renfrew Canada[5] Fred Segal Los Angeles, and Atrium New York[6] voted one of the "Top 20 Brands in the World" by the World Global Style Network. Steelo' apparel has been featured in People and OK! magazines as well in a series of other men's publications[7] and red carpet events.[8]

The Eldridge[edit]

Opened by Levine in 2008, the Eldridge is a bar/lounge in the Lower East Side of New York City. The lounge has since received a lot of press regarding its exclusivity, with Fox News calling it a "club that even famous people can't get into."[9] Reportedly only 400 of Levine's most esteemed acquaintances received "VIP admission cards."[10] Known for its live music, celebrity patrons,[11] lavish interior, and used bookstore exterior,[12] The Eldridge has been both praised and criticized for its stringent door policies.[13] In 2008, The Eldridge was voted "Best Display of Marketing Genius" by The Village Voice.[14] In early 2011, The New York Post reported that Levine sold The Eldridge with plans to open a new restaurant in the same area.[15]

Brandsway Creative[edit]

In 2010, Levine and business partner Kelly Brady founded Brandsway (sp?)Creative,[16] a branding, marketing, and public relations firm based out of Manhattan New York.[17][18] Nicole Trunfio[19] and Jessica White.

Sons of Essex[edit]

Sons of Essex, named Best of 2011 by Food by Thrillist[20] and favorite comfort foods of 2012 by Restaurant Girl,[21] was opened by Matt Levine and Michael Shah in October 2011 in New York City’s Lower East Side.[22]

Cocktail Bodega[edit]

In 2012 Levine and Shah opened Cocktail Bodega in the Lower East Side of New York. Cocktail Bodega serves liquor-blended smoothies and spiked fresh-squeezed juices."[23]

Societe Perrier wrote "There are only but so many concepts a bar can assume without being cliche or overly complicated. With Cocktail Bodega, owner Matt Levine has evaded both."[24]

Named one of the best of September 2012 by Thrillist[25].

Personal life[edit]

Named a “nightlife guru” by both Gotham Magazine[26] and Instyle Magazine[27] New York Magazine states “Levine’s celebrity-packed Rolodex offering up enough Page Six who’s who sightings to merit the “in” crowd’s stamp of approval.”[28] Levine is known for throwing secret underground parties and raves in the Lower East Side of Manhattan feat. surprise performances and DJs.[29] The venue, the DJ's, and the performers are kept secret until the day of.[30] He's also known for his creative branding, such as the racy "Sons of Essexads" posters used to promote a new late night menu. Posters were plastered throughout the Lower East Side with photos of female hipsters models eating cheeseburgers[31] Additionally, Levine has also been know to embrace original videos as a means of promotion, as he's done for Sons of Essex.[32]

Levine was labeled a "style innovator" by Conde Nast[33]

Levine's small business restaurant marketing was acknowledged by American Express[34] as well as Bank of American labeled Levine a "serial entrepreneur"[35] stating "Matt Levine is one of those guys—cool, hip, and seemingly born with a gift for creating and launching the next big thing." Gotham named Matt Levine one of New York City's "100 most eligible bachelors in 2011."[36]

The Fashion Spot named Levine a "downtown influencer" and a "major player in the Lower East Side nighlife scene."[37]

Named a "trendsetter" nightlife impressionario by and is listed as the unofficial mayor of New York City's Lower East Side.[38]

Named to Top 20 Hamptonites List by Hamptons Magazine[39]

Levine was one of the judges for Miss New York USA 2013[40]


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