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Matt Mickiewicz (born June 27, 1983) is an internet entrepreneur best known as the co-founder of SitePoint. Mickiewicz also co-founded the web companies Flippa, 99designs and Hired.

Early life[edit]

Mickiewicz was born in Kraków, Poland, lived in Hamelin, Germany and currently resides in Vancouver, Canada. He created his first website at the age of 14,[1] called, which later became SitePoint. At 16, Mickiewicz traveled to Melbourne with his mother and met his soon to be business partner and co-founder, Mark Harbottle. At 16, Mickiewicz found himself closing $10,000 advertising deals between classes at high school. Mickiewicz barely finished high school and did not attend college.


In 2008, Mickiewicz spun off 99designs from SitePoint,[2] which went on to raise $35 million in capital from Accel Ventures, Michael Dearing/Harrison Metal, Dave Goldberg (SurveyMonkey), Anthony Casalena, and Stewart Butterfield (Flickr). In June 2009, Mickiewicz and Harbottle launched,[3] the largest marketplace for buying and selling websites in the world. In the fall of 2012, Mickiewicz co-founded which raised $2.7 million[4] and was later renamed as Hired.[5] The company later raised a $15 million Series-A round in March 2014.[6] By December 2014, Hired was reportedly valued at $200m and had raised an additional $15m in capital in its Series B round.[7]

Mickiewicz was named a 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur by Forbes and INC in 2011,[8] a Smart Company 30 under 30 in 2012, and frequently speaks at conferences and seminars worldwide.


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