Matt Nathanson: Live at Google

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Matt Nathanson: Live at Google
Live album by Matt Nathanson
Released December 8, 2011
Genre Alternative, Indie
Length 42:24
Label Vanguard
Matt Nathanson chronology
Modern Love
Matt Nathanson: Live at Google

Matt Nathanson: Live at Google is a live recording of Matt Nathanson's performance at the Google Campus in early July 2011 to promote Google's new service, Music Beta by Google (subsequently rebranded as Google Play).

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "To The Beat of our Noisy Hearts" 3:45
2. "Modern Love" 4:30
3. "Room At The End Of The World" 4:55
4. "Still" 4:50
5. "Sing-Along" 4:00
6. "Laid" 2:34
7. "Kept" 3:24
8. "Misogyny" 3:48
9. "Faster" 3:25
10. "Enrique" 2:16
11. "Come On Get Higher" 5:07

Recording and production[edit]

At Google[edit]

During the Summer of 2011, Music Beta by Google was hosting a series of concerts at the Googleplex. The second in the series of concerts was opened by jazz artist Meklit Hadero and headlined by Matt Nathanson.[1]

Throughout the show Nathanson made jabs at both audience members and even Facebook. One notable instance was while Nathanson was preparing the audience for a sing-a-long, he called attention to an audience member on his laptop when he said, "You're in the front, you're on your computer, but I know what you're doing is looking up the lyrics. You don't have to look up the lyrics, because this is totally easy. 'Hee,' 'hee,' 'who.' It's - and I feel it, I felt you wanting to sing." [2]


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