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Matt Stokes, born 1973 in Penzance, is an artist and film-maker. Stokes had a residency at Grizedale Arts in 2002 during which he researched the history of rave culture in the Lake District.[1] In 2006, he won the Beck's Futures art prize for his film Long After Tonight.[2]

In 2005, Stokes developed Sacred Selections, a series of experimental transcriptions of Underground Music, then performed live on historic Pipe Organs in Dundee, following a commission by Dundee Contemporary Arts. Recordings based from these live performances were released on a CD also titled Sacred Selections.[3]

From the liner notes:-

'Sacred Selections was conceived by artist Matt Stokes, and comprises three pipe organ recitals that present music chosen by people from a range of underground music and cultures strongly represented within Dundee - Northern Soul, Happy Hardcore and Black Metal.'


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