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For the Australian rules footballer, see Mathew Stokes.

Matt Stokes, born 1973 in Penzance, is an artist and film-maker. Stokes had a residency at Grizedale Arts in 2002 during which he researched the history of rave culture in the Lake District.[1] In 2006, he won the Beck's Futures art prize for his film Long After Tonight.[2]

In 2005, Stokes developed Sacred Selections, a series of experimental transcriptions of Underground Music, then performed live on historic Pipe Organs in Dundee, following a commission by Dundee Contemporary Arts. Recordings based from these live performances were released on a CD also titled Sacred Selections.[3]

From the liner notes:-

'Sacred Selections was conceived by artist Matt Stokes, and comprises three pipe organ recitals that present music hosen by people froma range of underground music and cultures strongly represented within Dundee - Northern Soul, Happy Hardcore and Black Metal.'


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