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Matt Tolfrey
Matt Tolfrey.JPG
Background information
Birth name Matthew Tolfrey
Also known as Out-ed
Born United Kingdom
Genres Electronic Music
Occupation(s) Producer, dj, label owner
Years active 2001–present
Labels Leftroom Records, Leftroom Limited,[1] Leftout, Is This
Website Matt Tolfrey Artist Profile

Matthew "Matt" Tolfrey is an English DJ/Producer/Label Owner. He currently owns and operates four labels: Leftroom, Leftroom Limited, Leftout, Is This, and is a prominent international DJ/Producer; most recently securing a spot on Resident Advisor's Top 100 DJ Poll for 2011 and 2012.[2][3]


Matt Tolfrey was born in England but raised on the small island country of Bahrain.

At age 16, Tolfrey returned to the UK earning a slot playing in a Worcester bar honing his mixing skills in the company of a live audience. Later Tolfrey started at Nottingham Trent University, where in his first year he was given a show on the Nottingham radio station, Fly FM. Since the shows inception three years ago, 'Junk Funk' has gone on to win the station's best newcomer award and has seen Tolfrey promoted to head of night-time DJs.

Mirroring his success on the airwaves, Tolfrey also began gaining popularity around the clubscene. 2002 saw Tolfrey gain increased support from local independent record shop Funky Monkey, and also from underground club The Bomb who have been instrumental in organising exclusive guest slots from top name DJs such as Craig Richards, Jay Tripwire and Dave Congreve. Tolfrey soon acquired residencies at notable clubs The Bomb, Stealth, and also became the youngest DJ to ever play at Fabric on a Saturday.[4]

Wanting to be involved more in the other aspects of dance music, Tolfrey dove into production work. Beginning his work through the moniker Out-ed, Tolfrey gained success through his initial releases and was later invited by reputable label, Crosstown Rebels for production releases. Through his enthusiasm for electronic music and interest in experimentation, Tolfrey started his own label, Leftroom in 2005. Tolfrey sought after an avenue to release his peer's music and open up opportunities for friends that he believed in. The first release was entitled The Extended Family EP encapsulating the spirit of Leftroom, a place where a core set of artists could grow and experiment with their sound. After remarkable success with the first few releases and securing a home-grown and exceptional roster Tolfrey was asked to commence a label night at T Bar, London's hub of creativity in the house and techno scene. Expanding on the idea of Leftroom, Tolfrey put forth two sub-labels to the Leftroom family: Leftroom Limited has the purpose of releasing peak-time records while Leftout is a home for lesser known artists who deserve some attention. In 2012 Matt Tolfrey put out his first full-length album Word of Mouth on Leftroom Records. 'Word of Mouth' has since gained popular reviews from many highly respected electronic music enthusiasts. [5][6][7][8]



  • 2012: Word of Mouth, Leftroom


  • 2007: Don't Be Leftout, Leftroom
  • 2011: One, 1Trax
  • 2012: Classic Through The Eyes Of.. Matt Tolfrey, Leftroom

Original Music[edit]

  • 2005: The Horn/Acix w/ Craig Sylvester, Crosstown Rebels
  • 2006: Popeye/Spinach Disko w/ Craig Sylvester, Leftroom Limited
  • 2006: Are We Family, Leftroom
  • 2007: Enter The Mad Hat and Shakil w/ Inxec and Craig Sylvester, Leftroom Limited
  • 2008: Misunderstood w/ Glimpse, Glimpse Recordings
  • 2009: Even in Hollywood w/ Inxec, Culprit
  • 2009: Decisions w/ Inxec, Murmur
  • 2009: Babygirl w/ MarcAshken, Saved
  • 2009: Bounce for Me w/ D. Ramirez, Phonica
  • 2009: What Am I Buyin w/ Delete, Viva
  • 2009: Mile 569 EP w/ Inxec, Murmur
  • 2009: I Just Can't (Take It) w/ Inxec, Cocoon
  • 2010: Almost There w/ Inxec, Rekids
  • 2010: Hollywood Revisited w/ Inxec, Culprit
  • 2010: Real Talk w/ Inxec, Murmur
  • 2011: Drop The Bomb w/ Lazaro Casanova, Get Physical
  • 2011: Bring It On w/ Inxec, Murmur
  • 2011: In Excess w/ Inxec, Leftroom Limited
  • 2011: Hollywood @ Night w/ Christopher Sylvester, 1Trax
  • 2011: Who's The Freak, Get Physical
  • 2011: Candy w/ Lee Curtiss, Culprit
  • 2011: Bromance w/ Eric Johnston, Leftroom
  • 2012: The Same Page EP w/ Kate Simko, Leftroom
  • 2012: LAX EP w/ Lazaro Casanova, Nikko Gibler, Culprit
  • 2012: Turn You Out feat Ya Kid K, Leftroom


  • 2005: Gehts Noch w/ Craig Sylvester, Skint
  • 2005: Bus Driver w/ Craig Sylvester, Perc Trax
  • 2006: Seal Clubbing w/ Craig Sylvester, Renaissance
  • 2006: Gone Long Gone w/ Craig Sylvester, TCP
  • 2006: Ken The Men w/ Craig Sylvester, Punch Funk
  • 2007: Alcoolic w / Inxec, CR2
  • 2007: Tewa w/ Inxec, Ransom Note
  • 2007: Shtootsh w/ MarcAshken, Frankie
  • 2007: The Whole Room Dematerialised w/ Inxec, Kismet
  • 2007: You Aint Got Time To Think w/ Inxec, Fourt:Twenty
  • 2008: Crash This Car w/ MarcAshken, Leftroom
  • 2008: Down Seq w/ Inxec, Leftroom Limited
  • 2008: X, Y and Z w/ MarcAshken, Leftroom Limited
  • 2008: Escalator w/ Inxec, NRK
  • 2008: Let’s Take Drugs w/ Inxec, Yoshitoshi
  • 2009: Really Luv Ya w/ Inxec, Get Physical
  • 2009: Wider Pro w/ MarcAshken, MagicBag
  • 2009: Nice One w/ Inxec, Bla Bla
  • 2009: One More Tune w/ Inxec, Renaissance
  • 2009: Pins N Needles w/ Inxec, Fondation
  • 2009: Quantum w/ Inxec, Sound Of Acapulco
  • 2010: Frankfurt w/ Inxec, Metroline Limited
  • 2010: Mirrors w/Inxec, Wiggle
  • 2012: Elastik Phone w/ Sam Russo, Underbelly Records
  • 2012: Confetti w/ Sam Russo, 1Trax
  • 2012: Street Talk w/ Sam Russo, Off Recordings
  • 2012: Classic Through The Eyes Of.. Matt Tolfrey, Classic Music Company
  • 2012: Right On, Right On, Soma
  • 2012: Intentions w/ Sam Russo, Leftroom


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