Mattagami River

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Mattagami River
Rivière Mattagami (in French)
Smooth Rock Falls mill.JPG
Mattagami River at Smooth Rock Falls
Name origin: Ojibwe language
Country Canada
Ontario Ontario
Region Northeastern Ontario
Districts Cochrane, Timiskaming, Sudbury
Part of James Bay drainage basin
Source Mattagami Lake
 - location Gouin Township, Sudbury District
 - elevation 330 m (1,083 ft)
 - coordinates 48°00′46″N 81°33′28″W / 48.01278°N 81.55778°W / 48.01278; -81.55778
Mouth Moose River
 - location Gardiner Township, Cochrane District
 - elevation 48 m (157 ft)
 - coordinates 50°43′42″N 81°29′14″W / 50.72833°N 81.48722°W / 50.72833; -81.48722Coordinates: 50°43′42″N 81°29′14″W / 50.72833°N 81.48722°W / 50.72833; -81.48722
Length 443 km (275 mi)
Basin 37,000 km2 (14,286 sq mi)
Mattagami River is located in Ontario
Mattagami River
Location of the mouth of the Mattagami River in Ontario

The Mattagami River is a river in Northern Ontario, Canada.

The Mattagami flows 443 kilometres (275 mi) from its source at Mattagami Lake in geographic Gouin Township[1] in the Unorganized North Part of Sudbury District, on the Canadian Shield southwest of Timmins,[2] to Portage Island in geographic Gardiner Township[3] in the Unorganized North Part of Cochrane District, in the Hudson Bay Lowlands.[4] Here the Mattagami's confluence with the Missinaibi River forms the Moose River, about 100 kilometres (60 mi) from that river's tidewater outlet at James Bay.[5] The Mattagami River flows through the city of Timmins as well as the town of Smooth Rock Falls[5] and its drainage basin encompasses 37,000 square kilometres (14,000 sq mi).[2]

The Mattagami's name comes from the Ojibwe and means either "the start of water" (maadaagami) or "turbulent water" (madaagami), but the local Ojibwe population claim "Mattagami" is a corrupted form of "confluence" (maadawaagami). According to the Mattagami First Nation, Mattagami means "Meeting of the Waters".


The river starts at Mattagami Lake and ends at its confluence with Missinaibi River, serving as a source for Moose River.[6]


Where the Groundhog and Kapuskasing Rivers flow into the Mattagami, Ontario Power Generation operates the Little Long Generating Station,[7] with a dam just over 5 km in length.


Tributaries include the:

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